Introduction to Practical Philosophy (16 lectures of 90mins)

Introduction to Methods in the History of Ideas (16 lectures of 90 mins)

Introduction to Moral Philosophy and its Application (32 lectures of 90 mins)

Metaethics (20 lectures of 50 mins)

Undergraduate Seminars

Mill's Subjection of Women & Modern Feminism


Kant's Practical Philosophy

Peter Singer: Practical Ethics

Virtue Ethics since Aristotle

Mill vs. Kant

Ethics and Economics

Bioethics: Abortion, Euthanasia and Organ Donation

Philosophical Thinking and Writing

Animal Ethics

Classics of Moral Philosophy: Mill (Utilitarianism), Kant (Groundwork), Aristotle (Nic. Ethics (in parts))

Introduction to Metaethics

World Poverty and Ethics

Noncognitivism in Ethics

Applied Ethics

Is Morality Objective?


Introduction to Political Philosophy

Mill's Social Philosophy: Utilitarianism and Liberalism

Life and Death

Philosophical Methods: Philosophical Writing

Graduate Seminars

Research Seminar in Practical Philosophy (with M. Schefczyk)

Duties within the Family

The 'Value of the Market' from the 18th Century till Today

Moral Grandstanding

Rawls, Nozick, Scanlon

Personal Identity

Transplantation Ethics

Population Ethics

Radical Criticisms of Morality

Derek Parfit: Reasons and Persons

The Ethics of Procreation

Jeff McMahan: The Ethics of Killing


The Death Penalty

C├ęcile Fabre: Whose Body is it Anyway?

Equality and Luck

Liberalism and Tolerance

Moral Responsibility

Advanced Moral Philosophy

Rawls: The Theory of Justice and its Critics

Global Justice

Basic Income

Rawls: History of Moral Philosophy

Tutorials, TAing

5x Logic (LSE)

2x Philosophy of Economics (LSE)

Social Philosophy (LSE)

Epistemology (Konstanz)