Introduction to Moral Philosophy and its Application (32 lectures)

Metaethics (20 lectures)

Undergraduate Seminars

Ethics and Economics

Bioethics: Abortion, Euthanasia and Organ Donation

Philosophical Thinking and Writing

Animal Ethics

3x Classics of Moral Philosophy: Mill (Utilitarianism), Kant (Groundwork), Aristotle (Nic. Ethics)

Introduction to Metaethics

World Poverty and Ethics

Noncognitivism in Ethics

Applied Ethics

Is Morality Objective?


Introduction to Political Philosophy

Mill's Social Philosophy: Utilitarianism and Liberalism

Life and Death

Graduate Seminars

Population Ethics

Derek Parfit: Reasons and Persons

The Ethics of Procreation

Jeff McMahan: The Ethics of Killing


The Death Penalty

Cécile Fabre: Whose Body is it Anyway?

Equality and Luck

Liberalism and Tolerance

Moral Responsibility

Advanced Moral Philosophy

Rawls: The Theory of Justice and its Critics

Global Justice

Basic Income

Rawls: History of Moral Philosophy

Tutorials, TAing

5x Logic

2x Philosophy of Economics


Social Philosophy

Various one-off sessions